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About The Center for the Healing Arts & Sciences

The mission of The Center for the Healing Arts & Sciences is to assist our patients in achieving a smooth, natural return to health, wholeness and quality of life through expertly trained healing practitioners in an integrative medicine environment.

  • We believe that once our mind & body has had the opportunity to return to the balance it craves, we return to a state of health.
  • We believe that by providing a safe, healing environment during treatment, the path is cleared for healing to occur.
  • We believe that regardless of how much healthy food we consume or how often we exercise, without cultivating balance (physical, emotional & spiritual), we will continue to exist in a state of dis-ease to one degree or another.
  • We believe that we can help you reach this balance
  • We believe in the power of a safe and trusting relationship with our patients
  • We believe you can connect to path of new meaning in your life
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patient reviews

  • "John Price brings an incredible energy and focus toward self-awareness. Whether he is facilitating staff or working directly with students, he demonstrates incredible listening skills that let people know they are being heard. His presence inspires trust and confidence that brings out the best in everyone. I have seen John lead two students to collaboratively problem solve their differences and lead a room full of parents to explore their hidden fears about raising their children. I have attended countless lecture and speaker events, including many notable, acclaimed experts in education, wellness, and parenting. As a speaker, John is charming and skilled at connecting with people, and has a way of making a room full of people feel like they are in a personal conversation with him. He connects with his audience with authenticity and grace like few speakers I have experienced." — Garhett Wagers, M.Ed., Headmaster St. Mark's Episcopal School, Houston
  • Among the most important conversations of contemporary mental health is that of developing a psycho/spiritual world view. John Price is well trained and prepared for this conversation, I know because I have been his teacher and student. — J. Pittman McGehee, D.D
  • Regarding a talk given by John Price:

    "I wanted to take a minute to say thank you for today. It was absolutely perfect, and it really provided our team with such rich information.

    I talked with a few teachers after the training and they said they were "inspired to work more with the children". I know for me personally, it truly inspired me as a mother and as an educator. It really shed new light on many situations for me. I am so grateful that I was able to learn from you, John. I feel it will help me be a better mentor to our children.

    So, thank you. I hope this was the first of many more to come!" — Maryam L.
  • Leila-Scott Mitchell is absolutely amazing! She's not only a wonderful acupuncturist but a kind, warm person. She has a background in nutrition, so she is able to make suggestions for lifestyle changes that can be extremely helpful. I highly recommend her! — Devon G
  • Leila Scott made my first experience with acupuncture wonderful. She spent the time listening to me and made suggestions that I can begin immediately to feel better. I left feeling very relaxed and I'm excited to go back! — Erin B
  • I felt welcome, calm and energized for a change. Leila Scott really clarified my needs and made clear suggestions that I could make happen immediately. — Lauren L
  • I have been amazed at the results that Leila-Scott has achieved with acupuncture in relieving my knee pain and increasing my mobility. She is thorough, intelligent, compassionate and a great listener. — Pam R
  • Leila-Scott Price is amazing! This was my first acupuncture experience and I was quite nervous going in. She spent a great deal of time asking about my history and listening to my health needs. Incredibly professional, wonderful atmosphere, and excellent acupuncturist! — Amanda G
  • I went for my first ever acupuncture session with Leila-Scott. First of all, being in the middle of the city, it is a beautiful serene space. The treatment was gentle, mindful and I felt really relaxed (and almost transported) afterwards. My chronic headache that I've had for 3 weeks is gone! — Anita J
  • Price Center's Acupuncture has helped with many different areas in my life and I continue to come back because of the wonderful bedside manner, compassionate care and treatments that work! Highly recommend The Center for the Healing Arts & Sciences and Leila-Scott Mitchell Price!! — Ashley S
  • Leila is an amazing therapist. She makes you feel at ease and really listens, her space is warm and inviting as well. Im lucky to have found her. — Ashley S
  • Leila has a true gift. After only one session with her, I had amazing results and plan to go weekly! I struggled driving there because of a pst seizure disorder that can make me feel uncomfortable when I drive, and after my session, I drove home feeling grounded and completely at ease. Can't wait for my next session! — Barbara B
  • I had a very nasty frozen shoulder (i am 56) and I had all kids of physical therapy that did not work. Then I went to Leila-Scott and after just 10 acupuncture sessions, my shoulder is just fine! She did a great job and is so gentle, kind and very knowledgeable. I will most defiantly see her again. — Emily P
  • I really enjoy my sessions with Leila. She listens and takes time to answer questions, and she is very knowledgeable. I walk out of there beyond relaxed and love that I am able to use a holistic approach to improve my health. — Jennifer H
  • Leila is an expert practitioner and a wonderful person. Her experience and kindness make every acupuncture session an enjoyable and healing experience. — Jill G
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Welcome to The Center for Healing Arts & Science formally known as Natural Means