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Let us assist you in achieving a smooth, natural return to health and quality of life through expert application of the ancient, holistic art of Traditional Chinese Medicine in an integrative medicine environment.


What is Acutonics?

Acutonics is the use of a tuning fork upon an acupuncture point.

Who is Acutonics for?

We typically reserve these treatments for those who are truly needle-phobic as our feeling at The Center for the Healing Arts & Sciences is that if your treatment is causing you stress, it is not going to be as beneficial as it could be if you are in a relaxed state.

How is Acutonics Different Than Acupunture?

However, we frequently will use the tuning forks on certain particularly sensitive, yet important, acupuncture points which we prefer to not needle. This way, we can stimulate the point painlessly. And the experience is quite relaxing.