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Where cutting-edge wellness and ancient healing traditions come together for the best in holistic and integrative care.

Leila-Scott Mitchell MAOM, L.Ac.

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The Center for Healing Arts & Science

Our Reason for Being

  • To participate in the healing process of others
  • To provide a choice of degreed, expert healing modalities for our patients
  • To administer safe, healing care in a relaxing, clean, spa-like setting
  • To provide care which incorporates both ancient healing practices as well as those that are cutting edge
  • To offer each patient sufficient time in each session that they feel truly listened to and cared for
  • To create a comforting environment for individuals to leave feeling fulfilled, comforted, supported & more knowledgeable about their own health & healing process
  • To give hope & guidance to people during their healing process
  • To bring consciousness to suffering & emotional/spiritual processing
  • To bring awareness to a patients’ ability to participate in their own healing
  • To tap into one’s own body’s natural ability to heal
  • To provide a relationship of trust and care