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Do I have to use all of the practitioners? What if I'm just interested in only one of the types of services?

We respect your intuition and choices when it comes to your health. It is no problem at all to use our healing practitioners a la carte 🙂

Does acupuncture hurt?

Our acupuncturist is incredibly gentle and has a tender approach to care. Acupuncture needles are tiny – you can fit about 100 acupuncture needles into a medical syringe.

How long will my session be?

Your first appt with your acupuncturist will be 1.5 hours as there is an extensive intake process as you go over your health history. Returning appts will be about 1 hour. Your sessions with your psychotherapist will be 50 minutes unless otherwise discussed with him.

How many sessions do you recommend?

When you and your physician meet, you will go over a treatment plan. Typically, regular weekly appointments are recommended (sometimes multiple times a week in more urgent or severe cases) to begin with and, once you have worked together to “get on top of” or “get in front of” your presenting problem, you will review your plan and possibly scale back to a maintenance program. However, if you are generally well and coming in more for preventative care, it works nicely to get on a bi-monthly or monthly routine for a tune-up session

Is there confidentiality with my practitioner if I choose to work with only one of them?

Absolutely. Anything you share in your session is held in total confidence.

What is The Center for Healing Arts & Sciences?

The Center for Healing Arts & Sciences offers an integrative approach to mind and body health. We offer acupuncture and Chinese medicine as well as psychotherapy and we are intentionally situated upstairs from an integrative western physician to round out our integrative approach to care. We are able to refer among us if a different modality of care is indicated and, if you desire to have each of your physicians coordinate care, that can be arranged with the signing of a waiver.

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