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Blending Yin and Yang for Balanced Care

Yin –A woman, born to participate in the healing process of others, gifted with a strong sense of intuition and empathy, driven by an insatiable curiosity for the human body & how it works, certain that the body is inseparable from the head, rooted in spirit, going forth in faith, trained in cuisine, yoga, taiqi & Traditional Chinese Medicine, has had a vision since the year 2001 to provide Houston an integrative center for healing and has since been working toward this goal directly or indirectly.

Yang – A man, destined to facilitate the process of self-exploration in others, backed by the soul of music & the spirit of personal experience, hungry for myth, symbolism ,dreams & analysis, grounded in clinical psychology, driven by esoteric, existential exploration, knows also mind & body are one – as are we – and has also desired to found an integrative healing center for many years.

Balance –This woman & man, joined in higher purpose to work together to create this space where healing arts & sciences, mind & body, spirit & nature, yin & yang, come together in service to our patients, investing quite thoroughly in their own healing journey, committed to being healthy, clean vessels to receive their patients.

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