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Chronic Illness

Chronic illnesses are becoming more and more common in the US and are often linked the release of stress related neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine, dopamine, corticosteroids (commonly referred to as the stress molecules) and other neuropeptides often play a large part in the onset or facilitation of a chronic illness. Recent studies have shown that the body communicates using this psychosomatic network via neuropeptide receptors all over our body including the gastrointestinal tract, the kidneys, the pancreas and others.  Because of this, most chronic illnesses affect the whole body and require a mind and body approach to treatment.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) including acupuncture and herbs are extremely helpful in managing and lessening symptoms of chronic illness, while also treating the root of the illness itself.  Chinese Medicine in conjunction with Western Medicine can be the most successful way to treat autoimmune disorders (MS, Lupus, HIV), digestive disorders, chronic fatigue, inflammatory disorders and other chronic illnesses.

In acupuncture and TCM the practitioner identifies the imbalance or problem that brings the patient to us and diagnoses energetic imbalances.  By treating the body, mind, and spirit, TCM has an ability to penetrate laayers of defense and coping mechanisms of our patients giving the ability to heal.

Ways TCM can help with Chronic Illness:

  • Bringing balance back to the body
  • Increases functionality of your immune system
  • Gives you more energy
  • Boosts tissue healing and T-cell function

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