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Immune System Support

The typical American lifestyle puts a lot of stress on the immune system.  Often we are exposed to environmental pollution, our eating habits are not the best, and we are under a consistent and heavy amount of stress.  These factors wear on the immune system and as a result our immune functioning is typically either over reactive (allergies) or under reactive (often sick).

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views the immune system as a number of related parts that work together in a harmonious way to help keep the body balanced.  It is believed that disease or dis-ease occurs when the balance of the immune system is lost.

Acupuncture, herbal therapies, and food/lifestyle advice are practiced to help the body regain its natural balance and therefore restore the immune system to it’s natural and powerful functioning capacity.

The balance restored by TCM has positive effects on the body’s immune functioning.  It has been found that TCM:

  • Increases natural killer cell activity and lymphocyte count
  • Increases white blood cell count in the body helping the body to react well to threats
  • Rebalances an over active immune system by either stimulating or calming the production of red and white blood cells

It is never too early to start balancing the body and increasing immune function.  Preventative acupuncture and TCM can be extremely helpful in preventing illness.

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