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Where cutting-edge wellness and ancient healing traditions come together for the best in holistic and integrative care.

Areas of Integrative Care

Cooperative, Holistic and Integrative Medicine

The Center for the Healing Arts & Sciences was developed with cooperative, holistic and integrative medicine in mind.

Our intention is to serve your needs by offering you a range of healthcare options.

It is no accident that we are located above The Healing Space, Dr. Monica Roberson’s integrative medical offices.

As several practitioners offering different types of healing modalities, we are able to offer the most complete care possible.

Our services are set up to be utilized either a la carte or integratively. Should you choose to use each of our practitioners, they will be able to coordinate your care. Again, offering you the most well-rounded, complete care possible.

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Leila-Scott Mitchell MAOM, L.Ac.

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John W. Price Ph.D., LPC

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