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Let us assist you in achieving a smooth, natural return to health and quality of life through the expert application of the ancient, holistic art of Traditional Chinese Medicine in an integrative medicine environment.

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Acupuncture Clinic in Houston

Gentle & Relaxing Acupunture

At The Center for the Healing Arts & Sciences, you can rest assured that the application of your acupuncture needles is done in the most gentle and relaxing of ways. We use incredibly fine needles, smaller than the width of a piece of your hair.

How Acupuncture Works

The needles are inserted into acupoints along the meridian lines which are like superhighways of energy which run the length of your body and communicate with the vital organs located deeper in your core. In cases of pain, we might also use “ah shi” points, which literally means, “ah yes” as in “yes, that’s where I feel it.” These points are not located in a fixed place on the body as the other 361 points are, but are found by palpation on and around the center of pain.

Acupuncture Explained by Western Medicine

There are a few western medical explanations as to how acupuncture works, such as increasing the body’s own naturally occurring, mood-boosting & pain-killing endorphins. Another explanation is that we are interrupting pain by interfering with the proliferation of the pain signal to the brain, among others.

Acupuncture Explained by Eastern Medicine

Yet, from an eastern perspective all we really need to understand, in terms of an explanation, is that we are helping the body’s own healing mechanisms be called to action by helping your body return to a state of balance.