John W. Price
Ph.D., LPC

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Child Therapy Clinic in Houston

Connect with Kids Through Play and Engagement

One of the gifts that I received through my training is working closely with The Institute of Child Development at TCU. Through my experience there I engaged with kids who “came from hard places.” These are kids who had endured abuse, trauma or neglect at an early age. What I learned were many ways to connect with kids through play and engagement – a necessary space which sets the context for kids to “do the psychological work.”

The Connection Kids Really Need

What parents typically would say is that we were “just playing,” although what they would see were kids who had never sought touch from their caregiver, begin to ask for a hug. Kids whose motor never seemed to stop, begin to take a deep, full breath. Kids who refused to make eye contact, seek the gaze of a parent. Kids who were once terrified of trying new things, begin to do so.

These were all more extreme circumstances, although for me they have greatly helped me see the world through the eyes of a child and work to do the supporting and connecting that kids really need, in order for them to develop trust in themselves and those around them.