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You May Have Unconsciously Chosen Your Partner, but You Need To Consciously Improve your Relationship

While your unconscious may choose your partner, you may be questioning the choice. This is quite a common fear and reality, one that you may be seeking individual therapy to address, or couple work with your partner. This is really an opportunity for you both in disguise.

The Conflict in Relationships

The conflict in our relationships is usually the discomfort of an emergent, developing consciousness. The pain is usually the protest of the older consciousness as it’s reign is being challenged. This obstacle is the opportunity for you to part ways with the agenda of the existing consciousness and open to a new one, which will likely be in service to your greater path together. Emerge from the discomfort and discover that there is meaning in your suffering.

Relationships are Sacred

The relationship is a sacred container and can contribute to your longevity, if only you allow it to be placed in the sacred space it was intended to exist.