John W. Price
Ph.D., LPC

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Grief Counseling

We Can’t Bring Them Back But We Can Help You Heal and Grow

While loss is a part of our lives, this does little to reduce the suffering of grieving that loss. No one can bring back what is gone, although we can discover a road on which to travel to heal and grow from our loss.

Blessed are Those Who Mourn, for They Shall be Comforted

One of the great tasks of mourning is to find a way to assimilate the content of what was being carried by our loved one. Tribes believed that the souls of the departed joined the stars and watched us. Religious traditions give us examples of “knowing” that your lost friend was there with you all along. Gone are many of the rituals which would give us more of a context for the grieving process. “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” Find the space where you can process the loss.