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Ph.D., LPC

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Individuation Work

Our relation to life has become ambiguous

Edinger stated, “We have lost our bearing. Our relation to life has become ambiguous. The result is a pervasive feeling of meaninglessness and alienation from life. Whether or not a new collective religious symbol will emerge will remain to be seen. For present those aware of the problem are obliged to make their own individual search for a meaningful life. Individuation becomes their way of life” (p. 107, Ego and Archetype). At a dark point in the life of Jung he questioned the meaning of his life and began asking the question, “What is my myth?” This started an endless pursuit of empirical truth and investigation of the psyche.

Honor the Journey and Discover Your Truth

The diagram below outlines the heroic journey that we find in all myths of the hero, which mirrors all of our individual lives. The path of individuation is one of honoring your journey and discovering your truth as you become the unique you that you were created to become. This is one of the primary tasks of psychotherapy and analysis. To create the context for an individual to own what it is of themselves that is truly theirs and the rest fades.