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Jungian Therapy Clinic in Houston

Taking Oneself as the Most Serious of Tasks

In reference to therapy, Jung stated, “It is a matter of saying yea to oneself, of taking oneself as the most serious of tasks, of being conscious of everything one does, and keeping it constantly before one’s eyes in all its dubious aspects-truly a task that taxes us to the utmost.”

Work Laborously on Personal Development

Edinger (1972) stated, “The realization of the ‘reality of the psyche’ which makes this new world-view visible, can only be achieved by one individual at a time working laboriously on his own personal development” (p. xiii).

Myths, Stories, Symbols, Imaginations, and Dreams

Psychotherapy from the Jungian lens involves myth, story, symbol, active imagination and dream work. At its core it is adopting an operating worldview which allows an individual, with the support of the trained therapist, to take a look into the interior world of the person, the psyche. What can result is a new way of seeing within and without, thereby inviting meaning to manifest where one may have been blinded to it before.

The meaning referenced here is a living meaning that gives an individual a connection to their experience, a deeper relationship with both their larger self and the cosmos.