John W. Price
Ph.D., LPC

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Trust-Based Relational Intervention Houston Texas

Framework for Connecting to the Emotionally Injured

Beginning in 2006, I started a journey with Dr. Karyn Purvis and David Cross of The Institute for Child Development. Dr. Purvis and Cross are responsible for developing Trust-Based Relational Intervention, which is a framework for connecting with little ones and families who have been injured by experiences such as trauma, abuse or neglect. This work has prepared me both as a teacher and as someone who joins with families across the country as they work to mend broken hearts and heal the suffering that all have endured through the process.

See the “real child” Behind the Behavior

I have traveled the country leading workshops and trainings, visiting facilities and the homes of many families as they look for hope and growth. Through this work, I have seen many firsts. The first time that a family has seen a child, not tantrum. The first time that a child has tears instead of anger. The first time a child reaches out in love, as opposed to pushing others away. TBRI helps develop skills, although the real work is that of the individual parent and child together. It is the work of “seeing the real child” behind the behavior, thus facilitating a deep bond of connection as the message is “you really know me.”