Our Approach to
Acupuncture & Herbs
Style of Treatment

Our focus is on treating your own unique pattern of disharmony and its effect on your whole self.

With acupuncture, our accompanying Chinese medicine treatments, supplements & herbs, we treat all of you - body, mind & soul - so we don’t address one without knowing how it affects the others.

We will work together with you to reignite your body’s inherent healing wisdom & remind it of its own natural healing mechanisms

We will create a customized treatment just for you, using a range of traditional Chinese medicinal therapies. They include acupuncture, herbal medicine, supplements, cupping, food therapy, tui na, qi gong and lifestyle advice.

Gentle & Relaxing Acupuncture – How Acupuncture Works

Our application of your acupuncture needles is done in the most gentle and relaxing of ways. We use incredibly fine needles, smaller than the width of a piece of your hair. The needles are inserted into acupoints along the meridian/channel lines which are like superhighways of energy which run the length of your body and communicate with the vital organs located deeper in your core. In cases of pain, we might also use “ah shi” points, which literally means, “ah yes” as in “yes, that’s where I feel it.” These points are not located in a fixed place on the body as the other 361 points are, but are found by palpation on and around the center of pain.

Acupuncture Explained by Western Medicine

There are a few western medical explanations as to how acupuncture works, such as increasing the body’s own naturally occurring, mood-boosting & pain-killing endorphins. Another explanation is that we are interrupting pain by interfering with the proliferation of the pain signal to the brain, among others. Acupuncture is gentle, yes, but strongly effective in helping to calm the nervous system, balance hormones, detox, interrupt pain signals, improve mood, and so much more.

Acupuncture Explained by Eastern Medicine

From an eastern perspective all we really need to understand, in terms of an explanation, is that we are helping the body’s own healing mechanisms be called to action by helping your body return to a state of balance. Your body was built to heal. It is through sustained feelings of stress, poor nutrition, exposure to harsh chemicals, side effects of pharmaceutical meds, traumas, etc., that cause the body to interrupt its natural healing, rebalancing process. Acupuncture helps your body remember its healing wisdom and nudges it into action once more.

A clinically proven treatment approach and an effective method for treating a number of conditions including PTSD, stress-related disorders, insomnia, weight loss, and various addictions, especially smoking. This treatment protocol is also known as ear acupuncture, auriculotherapy, and ear seeds.

Auricular Acupuncture is the specialized practice of acupuncture performed specifically on the ear. The ear has a complete map of the body from head to toe, mimicking many of the acupoints of the body. Many acupuncturists target both the ear and the body’s acupoints to achieve the best results possible. In either case, it should be noted that ear acupuncture is powerful enough to be applied as a stand-alone treatment and there is ample research to support this idea. See Acu2You for group-style auricular acupuncture brought to your office, home, or event.

Auricular Acupuncture for weight loss can stimulate the body’s energy flow (chi) to impact factors that can reverse obesity such as; increasing your metabolism, reducing appetite, lowering stress levels and affecting the part of the brain that feels hunger.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the body is viewed as a complex system where ailments like weight gain, are caused by body imbalance. To achieve balance all of the body’s complex systems must be brought back into alignment. Weight gain is caused by the following systems; liver, spleen, kidney, thyroid gland, endocrine system. Ear seed treatment for weight loss requires several recurring treatments for maximum effectiveness. These treatments are combined with lifestyle coaching by your TCM practitioner, traditional nutrition and, of course, a healthy active lifestyle.

While needles are the primary treatment method in auricular acupuncture, “ear seeds” can also be used to stimulate reaction areas on the ear. Ear seeds are small round vicaria seeds, or in some cases ball bearings, encircled with a small, square piece of tape. The ear seeds stimulate pressure points and are affixed to the outer surface of the ears. The ear seeds can be worn for an extended period of time, giving them an advantage by continuing to produce results over the course of 3 – 5 days. Patients receiving auricular treatment do not have to wait long to experience the benefits. A relaxation response generally occurs within minutes!

Cupping has become increasingly popular, though it has existed for millenia. Cupping is a process which uses negative pressure to lift the connective and muscle tissue, as opposed to pressing down on it in massage type therapies. During this procedure, blood, oxygen, and, therefore, energy, are able to travel freely through this tissue where before it may have been blocked or stagnated by adhesions, scar tissue, and/or energy blockages.

Cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy used to heal individuals from body infirmities via the removal of blockages and to re-balance a person’s life force, or Qi. Blockages in the body can occur due to a person’s ingestion of unhealthy foods, a lack of exercise, stress or illness. Some illnesses that cupping is able to treat include abdominal pain, anxiety, cervical spondylosis, depression, dizziness, gastrointestinal problems and headaches.

The Center for HAS’ vast knowledge and experience with women’s health and Houston fertility acupuncture has helped countless women with their conception goals. Maybe you’re currently going through IVF or IUI treatment and need support to ensure you get the most out of it – safely and holistically. Maybe you’re attempting to approach fertility in as natural a way as possible. Maybe you are looking to avoid pregnancy and would like to know more about natural birth control. In any case, if you’re experiencing fertility challenges or women’s health issues in general, we look forward to the opportunity to help with your fertility goals.

How does Fertility Acupuncture work?

Fertility Acupuncture works by regulating your hormonal imbalances to bring your body towards optimum health. These techniques will help you enhance your ability to conceive by balancing your endocrine system, nervous system, and the immune system. See list of benefits below for more.

Fertility challenges and hormonal imbalances are linked to the endocrine and reproductive systems, which are closely tied to your ovaries, the hypothalamus and your brain’s pituitary glands. These systems are responsible for menstruation, ovulation, as well as menopause.

This system is very delicately balanced and can easily be thrown out of equilibrium by stress, the aging process, or any number of other factors. Acupuncture works by regulating these systems and optimizing their ability to function properly. Our patients report that they have a much better sense of well-being, greater energy, and less depression and anxiety when they are receiving our acupuncture treatments and while trying to conceive.

The Benefits of Fertility Acupuncture

  • Optimizes conditions necessary to improve egg quality, follicle count and implantation
  • Reduces the side effects of medications used in IVF protocols and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) procedures
  • Improves Blood circulation within the uterine lining and thickens uterine lining, which is vital for implantation
  • Decreases uterine contractions, which encourages implantation and prevention of miscarriage (also eliminates pain associated with painful periods)
  • Reduces your stress levels while you are trying to get pregnant
  • Balances the immune system and supports general health

More than just Fertility Acupuncture

A really good Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner will play the role of listener, counselor, & lifestyle coach, in addition to administering the treatment itself. We can never underestimate the powerful healing benefits of making our patients feel cared for. We cannot separate mind & body, as much as we westerners have tried. If the mind perceives healing care, the body will experience healing benefits. At The Center for HAS we take diagnosis one step further in that we commonly differentiate among diagnoses. This means that patients dealing with infertility, irregular periods, headaches, asthma, pain, etc., may get different acupuncture points as well as herbal & lifestyle prescriptions based upon their constitution as well as presenting symptoms (beyond just their initial complaint which brought them to the appointment).

We treat women with the following issues; Stress-related infertility, Elevated FSH, Endometriosis, Habitual miscarriage, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), cycle irregularity, anxiety / depression & side effects of hormone treatments.

Do you treat men for Infertility?

Yes. We regularly treat men who have been diagnosed with low sperm count, sperm morphology issues, and who are experiencing the stress of trying to conceive. Conceiving takes two; optimizing the general, as well as fertility, health of both participants raises chances of successful pregnancy.

Early physicians of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in addition to their astute discovery of our energy pathways, diagnosis and acupuncture skills, became quite learned in the gifts of Mother Nature’s healing plant life. They discovered hundreds of formulations of these plants and herbs which are able to assist the body in its gentle return to a state of balance. Though they are most often gentle, they are quite effective in their application.

Modern pharmaceutical medicine often comes with a hefty dose of serious side effects. With herbal medicine, those become greatly reduced and virtually nonexistent. Herbal medicine tends to be much safer to use and less detrimental to your health in the long term. With the rising cost of prescription drugs, herbal medicine can be an affordable option to return to your natural state of health and avoid unwanted side-effects.

Moxibustion or “moxa” is a topical Chinese herbal treatment used, when indicated, to strengthen the body’s digestive system, immune system, and to help with stubborn pain.

Moxibustion Used for Cold Syndrome

Practitioners of Moxibustion make use of this technique to warm regions and ‘meridian points.’ The effect is intended to increase circulation in these areas, inducing a smoother flow of blood and qi. Practitioners believe it to be a vital part in dealing with the ‘cold’ or ‘yang deficient’ ailments in Chinese medicine. They also claim it is an excellent treatment for chronic ailments, deficient conditions, and gerontology.

What is Acutonics?

Acutonics is the use of a tuning fork upon an acupuncture point.

Who is Acutonics for?

The short answer is that it is for everyone. However, we typically employ it for those who are experiencing great stress as it is an excellent method of sound healing which can help shift the body from sympathetic (fight, flight, freeze) nervous system to parasympathetic (rest & digest) mode. The calming, vibrations that emanate from the tuning fork can be just what the subtle body needs to “shake it off” or “break through” stuck energy.

This method is also helpful to use on certain particularly sensitive, yet important, acupuncture points which we prefer to not needle. This way, we can stimulate the point painlessly. And the experience is quite relaxing.

Why cosmetic acupuncture instead of injections or surgery? Cosmetic acupuncture offers an overall rejuvenation that is not confined to your face. This means that by addressing your cosmetic concerns in this way, you will feel better all over – your health & longevity will have actually improved!

Face & Neck Lift Cosmetic Acupuncture

A study in The Journal of Clinical Acupuncture shares that, with cosmetic acupuncture, 90% of clients have marked improvement in their faces and experience an overall rejuvenation that is not confined to the face. This is why we can call Cosmetic Acupuncture procedures “Anti-Aging Treatments” because they affect overall health in a positive way, truly turning back the clock on one’s chronological age.

Clients do look and feel younger. In some ways, they will actually be younger because their energetic systems will be working better. In other words, their outward beauty and youthful appearance will be the result of inner fitness.

Why does it work?

Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments promote the circulation of Qi (energy) and Blood in the face. Increased blood circulation to the face moistens & plumps the skin, diminishes fine lines & wrinkles, evens skin tone, and promotes collagen production for increased muscle tone and elasticity. From a Western medicine perspective, it is thought that the needling creates microtraumas locally on the face, stimulating the production of more collagen and elastin in the face & neck. Other benefits?

Anti-aging Cosmetic Acupuncture is less expensive, healthier, and safer than the modern treatments. It’s virtually risk-free (temporary bruising is the most likely of its risks) and there are none of the side effects of facelift surgery, lasers, and injections like: numbness, scarring, muscle atrophy, migration of injections, and lengthy recovery time. Clients’ faces will never look stretched, burned, puffy, or “banded.

ElectroAcupuncture, or E-Stim Acupuncture, is the use of gentle, safe electrical stimulation applied to needles which have been inserted into an established acupoint, or “ah shi” sensitive trigger points on the body. The current is between 40 to 80 volts and there is only enough stimulation for the client to feel a slight pulsating sensation.

The session begins with the traditional placement of acupuncture needles, then a small electrode is attached to two needles, completing an electrical circuit and allowing stimulation to run through the affected area. The electrodes provide a gentle vibration or pulsing that activates the Qi running through these acupoints. ElectroAcupuncture operates on the principle that a person’s Qi runs through the body’s energy channels/meridians.

ElectroAcupuncture has been proven to promote the flow of blood, alleviate chronic pain, and warm the muscles, in general. Our E-stim treatments are performed in a safe, relaxing, distraction-free environment by a trained practitioner

Food Therapy is eastern medicine’s version of nutrition. However, in addition to today’s knowledge of things like calories from proteins, carbohydrates, fats, etc., food therapy considers the property of foods, such as cooling, warming, damp, drying, etc.

For example, in the winter we would do well to consume foods with warming properties (think soups and roasted root vegetables) vs. foods with cold properties (raw salads and ice cream). Or, for that matter, if you are someone who is “always cold”, consider eating warming foods most of the time – even if it’s not cold outside – to warm your body’s internal temperatures.

Food Therapy Recommendations Specifically for You

Much like how your acupuncture points or herbal remedies will be selected based upon your body’s constitution and presenting symptoms, your food therapy recommendations will be based upon these considerations as well.

Based upon your body’s constitution as well as your presenting symptoms, we will discuss ideas to help you reach your health goals as quickly and smoothly as possible. For example, we may discuss a movement routine, suggestions to help you sleep more soundly or to improve your mood, or you may be referred to the wonderful psychotherapists or mindfulness coaches we have as part of our team here at The Center for HAS.

Tui Na Massage, literally meaning “push and lift or grasp”, is a type of therapeutic massage used in Traditional Chinese Medicine which, you will find, is somewhat different from traditional massage. This hands on body treatment is meant to bring the eight principles of Chinese medicine into balance. Many Chinese hospitals employ Tui Na as a standard everyday treatment practice. It is pronounced “Twee Naw”.

How Does Tui Na Work?

Tui Na is a hands-on massage technique that uses a wide variety of strokes, accessing pressure points, kneading, friction and rolling of the muscles to bring relief to chronic or acute muscle pain and restoration to the important balance in the body’s energy quadrants (which leads to a greater sense of purpose, fulfillment and peace in life). Tui Na massage artists often pair their techniques with other ancient, Chinese practices like cupping, acupuncture and acupressure to achieve holistic healing for their patient.

Your practitioner will usually try to reserve a little bit of time at the end of your treatment to incorporate a few of these relaxing, yet invigorating, techniques to your treatment.

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