The Yin/Yang symbol can be seen in a wide variety of locations ranging from book covers to yoga studios. Some claim it to be the symbol of life, others claim it to be an occult force. Whatever your interpretation of the symbol, there is no doubt that there is a lot of confusion around its meaning.

 According to TCM, all life is made up of both yin and yang, nothing is or can be purely one. It is believed that optimal health occurs when there is a balance of yin and yang in the individual. With the busy lives of the typical American, this balance is extremely hard to achieve and is very uncommon.

In Yin/Yang theory, when one side (either yin or yang) becomes dominate for a long period of time it tends to consume the other, reach its limit, and then transform completely into it’s opposite.  This theory is called the “Principle of Extremes” and has tangible examples. One common example is that long periods of hard work are always followed by the need for rest.  Other examples include when someone has an high fever and then they get the chills or, on a larger scale, intense periods of war that result in death.  It relates to each individual person as well. Yin and Yang are continually moving and changing in an individual’s life and when one is dominate for too long, it has both physical and emotional effects.  

In addition, it has been observed that many Americans are so busy that we simultaneously have an excess of both yin and yang. This occurs when the two have failed to merge due to a lifestyle too extreme to allow for integration.  This also has negative health implications. 

To seek overall health and wellbeing is to seek a balance of yin and yang. Working towards this balance will yield amazing results when it comes to healing. On the physical level, acupuncture has been proven extremely effective in helping balance the yin and yang energy in the body.  The tiny needles along the energy meridians help to remove excesses and restore balance.  Request a session today and help restore balance to your body!