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John Price, LPC, Ph.D. on Vocals and Guitar and Rodney Waters, Jungian Analyst in Training on Piano and Synthesizer

Music for your Mind – Psychology for your Ears – Knowledge for your Soul

When a singer/songwriter and a classical pianist meet in the field of Jungian psychology, the result is a genre-bending collaboration dedicated to the exploration of archetypal themes, alchemical process, psychological transformation, order and chaos, dreams and consciousness, and the confusing beauty of paradox.


Episode 18: Music- The Psychology of Music

We discuss identity and music, early development, in utero music memory, how we access music, music in the digital age, records, the shared experience of music, active listening, the power of music on our psychology and biology, music and memory and more.


Episode 58: Apocalypse and Injustice.

A conversation with Erin Prophet.

In this conversation, we discuss religion, the symbol of the apocalypse, her experience living in a religious group that prepared for the apocalypse, the need for systemic change to address issues associated with race, what we can learn from our history, how we need to be reflective during times of intense unrest, and the ways in which religions can help us, during times of crisis, and how they can also hurt.

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