Our Approach to
Mindfulness, Meditation & Spirituality Guidance
How We Can Help
Kickstart a new practice
Rekindle a practice that once helped you, or take your existing practice to the next level.
Spirituality Guidance: reframe your concept of divinity through exploration and discussion of ancient biblical texts through a fresh new lens.
Mindfulness, in its simplest form, is practicing being present & embodied in all situations. When it feels like life is coming at you at a million miles an hour, it’s not always easy to know how to stay in the moment. But you can learn how, even if you missed developing this skill as you were growing up.

Meditation is committing to showing up, to knowing yourself, finding out where your emotions live in your body, preparing yourself for your day and even your life along with the nature of life itself.

We give you the step-by-step guidance you need to build and sustain a practice. Meditation practices can allow for better focus and attention, can help you to cultivate a greater sense of connection to peacefulness and ease, and - perhaps most important - can move you to develop a compassionate and loving inner voice. Over time, you will learn to develop new responses to old habits and triggers allowing you to live into your most optimal life.


Whether you have a clear understanding of what spirit means to you or you don’t know if spirituality is the thing for you or you’re trying to figure out just what your relationship to spirit is, it’s all okay. You will be met right where you are, not pushed into a space you are uncomfortable with. The beauty of spirituality practice is that it doesn’t choose a faith or a denomination. All are welcome to explore this part of themselves and it is a practice that can live on its own without an accompanying faith practice or it will enhance the practice you are committed to already.

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