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The Center's Philosophy

When you are a patient at The Center, you are our priority. Everything about you becomes important to us and we want to know it all. With all of their skill and not an ounce of judgement, one of our clinicians will assess your medical history and current mind-body-spirit health concerns. Based upon these observations, a protocol will be developed just for you and recommended. Your protocol may involve just one aspect of our offerings, or multiple, and some supplements to help you reach your health goals may be suggested. Our purpose is to present to you all of the options which may help you move through whatever your current discomforts may be as well as to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

It is at this point you might choose to do some basic lab work and testing, which we offer. This would allow you to get a "starting snapshot" of where you are physiologically.

We clinicians know from experience that your work with us is valuable and will, over time, optimize your mind-body-spirit functionality. But, we know that as westerners who seek proof, you might be one who would benefit from being rooted in some numbers as well as enjoy seeing how things looked before your course of treatment began. We’ll check back in on these labs & tests when you are wrapping up your protocol.


This is where you will dive in to you, enjoy becoming a part of this community, and begin to get pampered. Your experience with us matters; every part of it. From the moment you walk through our doors, you will be cared for. We offer healing teas and delicious, nutrient dense snacks while you wait (though you’ll never wait for long as we pride ourselves on being prompt). Your treatment will take place in a cozy, comfortable room and, if you are receiving acupuncture, bliss awaits you. We provide a luxurious version of this mind-body-spirit medicine.

Session by session, your soul and energy will become replenished. Most of our patients become patients for life because once they see how good they can feel once integrated care is part of their routine, there’s no going back. This said, it’s important to go in knowing that the process of healing is not always an “up and to the right” improvement arrow on a graph. The journey of Rooting & Replenishing is much more cyclical in nature. That line will look more like a wave making it’s way up and to the right :) But that’s okay. We are with you every step of the way. And real journeys are varied and interesting and have bumps along the way. We will be giving you tools for how to handle the twists and turns. It’s all good.


Once we begin to see that each of the concerns you came to us with are resolving, we will begin the process of wrapping up your protocol. If you had taken entry labs & tests, this is when we’d check back in with retests to see how the needle has moved. If you are enjoying your care and feel you’d like to stay on with us in a "maintenance" capacity, we would love that. Our doors are always open to you as part of our beloved community.

Whether staying or going, during the course of your care, each of your clinicians will have been building your own personal "Journey Handbook". You see, the fact is, the hits will keep coming and we benefit from being prepared. This is life and it is unpredictable and, as is stated in the lovely Les Misérables, "the only thing constant is change."