Can’t Sleep?

At The Center, we put a lot of attention on both waking and sleeping dreams. We explore how to dream bigger and how to engage those wild, nonsensical dreams that happen when you’re asleep. But you may fall into the category of a non-dreamer simply because sleep eludes you. That certainly makes it difficult to dream at night, much less to have the energy to dream big during the day.


Sleep is important for so many reasons:


So often at The Center we hear folks say that as evening approaches, an anxiety emerges at even the thought that sleep might not come. We call this “layering” because when we do this we are placing one issue over another pre-existing issue – and it tends to best be dealt with head on by calling it what it is. Saying to yourself, “I might not sleep enough tonight. Yep, that’s right. I might have a hard time falling asleep. I might wake up after I fall asleep. It’s okay. It’s a temporary pattern. I know deep down my body knows what to do.”


But what about all the other practical things you can do to help sleep come? Whether you have young children who require a bedtime routine or you can remember having one yourself as a child, it’s funny to think that we should age out of this routine. Why do we do this for children? Because it works. We shouldn’t deprive ourselves of the same gift.

Try applying the tips below to your evening routine and see if, over time, your body slips into sleep more easily. Important awareness note: give this time. Your mind and body have been in a pattern that needs to be unwound so that it can be replaced with a new one. Want to press fast forward? Schedule a session with us to incorporate acupuncture and herbs to your routine. 


Routine for a better night’s sleep:


Here’s to a better night’s sleep and the big dreams that can come from a rested soul.