Happy Autumnal Equinox!

Welcome to Fall, folks. Even in Houston we’re feeling it. Cooler temps, rain, maybe you’re even noticing a change in mood from feeling super care-free to feeling a bit more serious or melancholy. Even if your mood hasn’t changed, we’re guessing your schedule probably has tightened up a bit, right? Below are a few ways to understand the fall season & keep yourself strong in mind, body, & spirit. But first!

Today is our Autumnal Equinox! Equinox means “equal-night”, which is to say that day and night are most balanced in length when we have an equinox. Balance…sigh, a forever-achieved state of balance doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t mean that the pursuit of it isn’t important. When we pursue balance, that means we are considering all of our needs and how to meet them: rest vs. work; love of others & relationship vs. self-love & alone time; care of others vs care of ourselves. The list goes on. Take a moment today to strategize about how you’d like to achieve your ideal balance, knowing that in a few weeks or months, that ideal balance will shift – but no worries! You’ll shift with it because you’re in pursuit. That’s all this is y’all, a pursuit. Have fun with it 🙂 


Fall Is: 

Dryer – keep your insides & out hydrated

A time to – harvest / store / contract / get introspective / turn inward / find intrinsic self-worth vs. seeking it outside / be more deliberate with your plans & actions

Associated with – Lungs & Large Intestines –

Lungs help us receive the new.

Large Intestines help us let go of past grief & sadness, retaining only what serves us (both by retaining food energy while removing waste, as well as with emotions that are useful vs. the ones that are holding us back)

Constipated? Consider whether you are a person who holds onto the past.


A time to set limits – is it time for cleaning out & tossing or donating what you don’t need?

Remember, clues from nature are all around us:  trees even drop their leaves to conserve energy for the coming winter.

Windy – keep it off your neck and back as one way to keep your protective immune system strong

Food – cook it! Buh-bye ice cream, salads, and smoothies! Time for stews & porridges 


Let us know if you’d like to work with one of our acupuncturists, mindfulness coaches, or psychotherapists to help with what’s coming up for you with this change of seasons. 

Grow Deep. Grow Tall. Grow with Us!